Elysia ˛.•´¸.•´¨☆ (artsystar) wrote in freeipodscom,
Elysia ˛.•´¸.•´¨☆

please help!

Hey everyone!
So I was robbed at 6am while studying abroad in Dublin at the end of December (I was literally woken up by the guy opening my door and staring at me) and what did he steal? yea. my ipod. and it's not covered by my insurance. So I really really want to get a new one but my family can't afford it now so I'm trying this out.

PLEASE HELP OUT! Sign up through my link and complete a free trial offer for me!! You can cancel it and plus, you can get a free ipod too!!

What's even better, if you sign up and clear out for me I will send you $5 via paypal. Contact me when you're cleared!
FREE MONEY! I only need 3 more people. PLEEEEEASE help!!

here's my link:
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