Nenne (retro_chiq) wrote in freeipodscom,

A new way to get a free ipod

I'm sure everybody wants their free ipod, but can't get people to sign up for because everyone's already sign up for it.

Well with this site you don't have to get referrals, it's just a bonus. You just complete the offers yourself. I've already got enough points for a gamecube, but I'm holding out for the ipod. The other gifts you can get are gift certificates, a Nintendo DS, a Playstation 2, an Xbox, Ipod minis, Photo Ipods, Flat Screens, IRiver, Canon Rebel. It's a great site, and it's legit!

Here's the link if you want to sign up:
Trial Clix

PS. There's a lot of free trial offers, which are always great. And there's even a Non CC Ebay offer.

Good Luck!
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